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On Paths to QUALITY™, Indiana's voluntary quality rating system, providers demonstrate ongoing efforts to achieve higher standards of quality.

Paths to QUALITY™ Coaches are available to provide onsite technical assistance and support. As you work through the levels of Paths to QUALITY, you and your coach will work together to identify your business’ strengths and improve your areas of need.

The Paths to QUALITY Coaching Team looks forward to working with you in the near future.

To enroll in Paths to QUALITY™, contact a Paths to QUALITY™ Coach at or 1-866-200-5909.

Learn more about the Paths to QUALITY program.

Look what you can receive by participating in Paths to QUALITY!

Homes Centers Ministries
Level 1--Participation Incentive $50 non-cash $50 non-cash $50 non-cash
Level 2--One Time Award $300 non-cash $1,000 non-cash $1,000 non-cash
Level 3--One Time Award $300 non-cash $1,000 non-cash $1,000 non-cash
Level 4--One Time Award $500 cash $1,500 cash $1,500 cash
Level 4--Annual Award $300 cash $1,000 cash $1,000 cash

Participating Child Care Providers

Funded by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning.

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