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Power of Parenting

Power of Parenting Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does my child have to have a developmental delay or disability to be a part of this program?

    No, children of all abilities are welcome and encouraged to join the program!

  2. Is there a cost or do I need to meet financial eligibility guidelines?

    No, the services are free of charge for all income levels.

  3. What if I have a relative or an in-home babysitter that keeps my children during the day?

    This program is available to any parent, including fathers, foster and adoptive parents. Others that are caring for your child may be present during your regular visits and are welcome and encouraged to participate. You may schedule your visits for after work hours.

  4. What if I do not live in Evansville or Vanderburgh County?

    Parenting Consultants can provide services in the following counties: Dubois, Gibson, Perry, Pike, Posey, Spencer, Vanderburgh, and Warrick Counties in Indiana and Henderson County Kentucky.

  5. We have a busy schedule, how much time and commitment does it require?

    Typical visit frequency is monthly. Options for weekly or twice monthly visits are available depending upon other factors. A visit usually lasts one hour, possibly a little longer for families with multiple children.

  6. I have older children that are school-age; can they be home while the visit is taking place?

    Yes, anyone who is part of the child’s life and routine may be present and participate in the visit, although the activities will be focused on and designed for the enrolled child.

  7. What if I suspect my child may not be on track with his/her development or is already receiving services?

    We begin the program with a developmental screening. This is not because we are looking for or expecting to find a delay, but to help you recognize their abilities and which milestones they are already achieving. However, if you have a concern and we find that your child may require further assessment, we will refer you to those specialized services.

  8. Will Power of Parenting go to the child care center or child care provider?

    The purpose of this program is to work with the child and their primary caregiver. Child care providers in group care settings would not be able to give the attention to the personal visit of the enrolled child. There are options available for personal visits with providers that are offering group care if all children are enrolled in the program.

  9. What if I do not have full custody or share custody of my child?

    Visits can be made during the parent’s visitation time with their child. The visit can be completed in the home with the parent and child, or in another pre-arranged location.

  10. How does the Power of Parenting Program differ from the Play and Learn playgroups?

    Both programs will help you promote your child's healthy growth and school readiness. Power of Parenting focuses on parent-child relationships, individual child development, and the needs of your individual family. Power of Parenting visits provide individual screenings for each child and the visits take place in your home or location of your choosing. The focus of 4C Play & Learn is to promote school readiness through opportunities for interactions with other children and caregivers. Play and Learn playgroups are scheduled in various set locations in and near Evansville.

  11. What if my child will soon be entering Kindergarten, should I still enroll them?

    Yes! A main focus of this program Kindergarten Readiness. You can speak to your Parenting Consultant about scheduling more frequent visits.

  12. What if I have a question or concern and my Parenting Consultant is not scheduled to come for a couple of weeks?

    Your Parenting Consultant is available during regular business hours and happy to answer any questions or discuss a parenting concern. You are welcome to contact them between visits.

  13. What if we get busy and need to re-schedule or cancel a scheduled visit?

    We understand that your role as a parent comes first and things come up unexpectedly. We ask that you contact your Parenting Consultant prior to your appointment time if you are not able to keep the appointment.

  14. If I am a parent or preparing to become a parent and under the age of 18, can I enroll in the program with my child?

    Yes. We ask that you and your parent or guardian sign enrollment paperwork. Only you need to be present during the visits. If the Power of Parenting program is available at your school, you may also join that program as well.

    Click here for more information about the school-based group program or how to get it started in your school.

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