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I have a Child with Special Needs

Inclusion in a typical early learning setting is vital for children with special needs and their peers. When children with special needs are included, those children demonstrate higher levels of social play, are more likely to initiate activities, and show gains in skills necessary for life success: cognitive skills, motor skills, and self-help skills. Participating in activities with typically developing peers allows children with special needs to learn through modeling, and this learning helps prepare them to function in the world. The lnclusion Specialist at 4C can assist in improving access, quality and availability of inclusive environments for families of children with special needs by:

  • Providing training for child care providers
  • Offering on-site technical assistance to your child care provider
  • Providing community resources

Direct services for parents include:

  • Enhanced child care referrals for families in need of child care for their child with special needs
  • Answering questions about rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act

Is your child having difficulty while in child care?

Our Inclusion Specialist can provide on-site technical assistance to your child care provider to coach them in creating the most successful environment for your child. If you think your child could benefit from the services offered please feel free to contact our Inclusion Specialist at 812-423-4008 ext 123.

Concerned about your child’s development?

For more information about your child’s development go to or call 1-800-CDC-INFO to request a free information kit.

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