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How Do You Pinterest?!

How Do You Pinterest?!

Organizing all the ideas that you Pin can become overwhelming and some great ideas might even get forgotten. So how can you organize them in a way that works best for you? The picture above gives an example of how to organize your thoughts for a Pin you would like to use in your classroom. It may not be best for you but hopefully it will at least give you an idea on how to get the ideas from the computer onto paper to use while lesson planning.

Keep in mind: So many Pins on Pinterest are CUTE, fun, exciting and creative. This makes everything look like a good idea to try in the classroom. However, that doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea. So, I encourage you to ask yourself: Is the Pin developmentally appropriate? Am I doing it just because it is cute? The first answer should be yes and the second should be no. Asking these questions will help you filter through the millions of Pins that you have scrolled through. I’m not saying you shouldn’t decide on something that is cute, not at all. I’m saying that there are ideas out there that are cute AND developmentally appropriate for children that create a rich learning experience.

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