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Be the Change

Be the Change

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”, words spoken at my college graduation. Very wise words from Gandhi that I found quite interesting. After pondering that statement on a while, I began to realize that statement can apply to so much in my classroom.

The children I care for need me to have my self together before I can begin to help them get themselves together. I am one of their many role models. The way for me to teach them respect, kindness and reliance was to be about it myself. I watched them change and become calmer as I spoke softer and calmer to them. I watched their tones and words soften as I became cognizant of way I spoke to them and the words I chose to use. Sometimes it’s hard to look at ourselves, but for me it was life changing. Just take a moment today to think about a change you would like to see, and begin with yourself.

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