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Motherhood- How Are You Performing?

Motherhood- How Are You Performing?

Most mothers will agree that being a mom is the most important job they have ever had and ever will have. In this job, we often feel like we are put under a microscope and worry about being judged by others as to how well we are performing at this ever so important job. It can be very hard and often an exhausting job, and we can’t always be the perfect mom that we want to be. Sometimes we judge ourselves for those moments and worry so much what other people are seeing from the outside, that we tend to forget who is watching us from the inside- all of time. At the end of the day if our children feel loved, happy and secure, then we know that we are doing our job right. If you are still being too hard on yourself, ask for a performance evaluation from the ones that you are working for.

Take some time to reflect on your “evaluation”. You will probably laugh, you may even cry, but you will see that you have done your job and you have a child that feels important and loved.

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