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Reporting CCDF Fraud or Program Abuse

Reporting CCDF Fraud or Program Abuse

Program Abuse is defined as any false reporting of fact or information, providing false documentation or the omission of facts by the Applicant or Co-Applicant.

A determination of suspicious or fraudulent activity on the part of the Applicant, Co-Applicant or CCDF eligible provider must be referred to the Office of Early Childhood and Out of School Learning’s CCDF fraud coordinator.

Fraud may be reported to the Office in a variety of ways by Applicants, Co-Applicants, Child Care Providers and concerned citizens by contacting:

By Phone: 317-234-2200
By Email:
By Mail: FSSA Compliance Division, Room E-414, 402 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Examples of Program Abuse by an Applicant or Co-Applicant:
• Failure to report a biological or custodial adult as a household member.
• Failure to report other forms of income, including child support, second income, etc.
• Submission of suspicious documentation, including, but not limited to wage verification

Examples of Program Abuse by a Child Care Provider:
• Providing care at an address which has not been licensed, registered or certified
• Allowing other individuals that are not properly certified to provide child care
• Providing care at an address which differs from the address indicated on the CCDF child care voucher
• Having possession of an Applicant’s Hoosier Works for Child Care card or having possession of the card number or PIN number
• Submission of suspicious, false or misleading documentation

Examples of Program Abuse by the Intake Agent:
• Suspicious activity by an employee
• Suspicion of program abuse in receipt of CCDF benefits by an employee of the agency

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