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Flexible, Feisty, or Fearful?

Flexible, Feisty, or Fearful?

Some children are "easy." They are predictable, calm, and approach most new experiences in a positive way. Other children are more difficult and not able to manage their emotional experiences with ease. When a child's personality doesn't quite fit or match that of others they interact with, it can be a challenge for everyone! Understanding Flexible, Feisty, and Fearful temperaments is a first step toward a better fit.

Easy or flexible children are generally calm, happy, regular in sleeping and eating habits, adaptable, and not easily upset.
How you can help:
Because of their easy style, caregivers need to set aside special times to talk about the child's frustrations and hurts because he or she may not demand or ask for it. This type of intentional communication is necessary to strengthen your relationship and find out what the child is actually thinking and feeling.

Difficult or feisty children are often fussy, irregular in feeding and sleeping habits, easily upset by noise and commotion, high strung, and intense in their reactions.
How you can help:
Providing areas for vigorous play to work off stored up energy and frustrations with some freedom of choice helps feisty children to be successful. Preparing feisty children for activity changes and using redirection will help them transition from one thing or place to another.

<.b>Slow to warm up or fearful children are relatively inactive and fussy, tend to withdraw or to react negatively to new situations. Happily, their reactions gradually become more positive with continuous exposure.
How you can help:
Sticking to a routine and your word, along with allowing ample time to establish relationships in new situations are necessary to allow independence to unfold. Understanding that they need longer to adapt will also help.


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