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Christmas Trash to Treasure

Christmas Trash to Treasure

Don’t throw out all that Christmas clutter until your child has a chance to “Play & Learn” with it!

Christmas bows: Sort by color, size and style. Give your child a sheet of clear contact paper and encourage him to make pictures or designs using the bows.

Cardboard tubes and boxes: Add cars, ping pong balls, golf balls or marbles (depending on your child’s age) to encourage problem solving skills. How low to the ground can the tube be placed and still allow the ball to roll, etc. Cut 1-2 inch strips from larger tubes and let children decorate with glue and wrapping paper strips to make a bracelet.

Wrapping paper: Let your child practice cutting with scissors. Let them cut or help them cut small pieces of wrapping paper in a variety of sizes and shapes and glue to paper to make pictures and designs. For older children, help them cut the left over paper into squares (apx. 5 x 5) to use for origami projects. The decorative and white sides are natural for origami if you make sure the paper is thin.

Boxes with lids: Gather a variety of sizes of small jewelry type boxes and have your child find the matching lids to each box. Draw a number on top of each box. Have your child find small items around the house that will fit into the box, counting to make sure the number of items matches the number on top of the box.

Christmas card literacy: Choose a Christmas card and encourage your child to describe what is on the card. Younger children can name objects, colors, etc. and older children will be able to create a story from the pictures.

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