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Bed Bugs: Dealing with Uninvited Guests

Bed Bugs: Dealing with Uninvited Guests

How To Recognize a Bed Bug
Adult bed bugs are approximately ¼” long and are red-brown in color. They are similar to the size, shape, and color of an apple seed except they are very flat (if they have not eaten). They have very thing legs and antennae and do not have wings.

What to Do If You Find a Bed Bug!

  • Do not panic. Remember that these pests are not life threatening. It is likely they have been present for some time. They reproduce quite slowly, so you have time to organize and develop a logical and aggressive treatment strategy.

  • Do not assume they are present because of uncleanliness or poor housekeeping. These are parasites of people and may be found wherever people live.

  • Do not automatically discard furniture or other items. This is often unnecessary and moving furniture often leads to spreading bed bugs.

  • Do not purchase or use chemicals that are not labeled for bed bug control. Home remedies and concoctions are likely to have little effect on the bed bugs but can have detrimental health effects on you, your family, or your home.

  • Remain calm. Know that bed bugs, although difficult to control, can be eradicated from your home if you follow a well thought out and executed plan.

  • Inspect and monitor. Determine where and how widespread the infestation is. Use of traps is an efficient method of monitoring.

  • Clean, launder, vacuum, remove clutter. Use good travel practices.

  • Contact a professional pest manager who has experience in controlling bed bugs using integrated pest management. Work closely with them in preparing the home for treatments and in following up afterward.

Source: Purdue Extension Knowledge to Go

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