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Sensory Exploration: Sound Sensory Bottles

Sensory Exploration: Sound Sensory Bottles

From birth, children learn about the world by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, and hearing. Sensory play contributes in crucial ways to brain development. Stimulating the senses sends signals to a child’s brain that help strengthen neural pathways important to all types of learning. So, how do we provide opportunities for children to actively use their senses without buying expensive learning materials? This month: Sound Sensory Bottles


  • Sturdy water bottles of various sizes. Aqua pod, Simply Orange and other small bottles are great for little hands.

  • Filler: water, rice, sand, shredded paper, and a variety of objects small enough to fit into the neck of the bottle.

  • Duct tape and/or Super Glue to secure cap safely.

Fill bottle 2/3 full with filler such as rice, sand, shredded paper, etc. Add items of various materials (popcorn, paper clips, buttons, small erasers, etc. ) leaving room for them to move around inside when shaken. Adding colorful materials like sequins, beads, etc. will also stimulate the visual senses. Super glue or duct tape lid.


  • Fine motor skills

  • Eye hand coordination

  • Muscle strength
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