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Who are Bullies?

Who are Bullies?

In light of all attention bullying has received on social media in the last few months I thought I would write about the different types of bullies. There are many reasons that children bully other children. Children are not born a bully there are various reasons they become a bully, not just an inherent temperament but also environment factors. One thing is for sure is that a bully is taught to bully.

  • Fully Announced Bully:

    • Is usually detached and shows little emotion and a strong will to carry out their bullying

    • Vicious and vindictive toward the target but charming in front of others

    • Feelings are buried so deep that they have trouble finding and identifying the emotions
  • Hyperactive Bully

    • More than likely struggles in school and has poor social skills

    • May have learning disabilities

    • Trouble making friends
  • Confident Bully:

    • Big ego, inflated sense of self, enjoys violence, sense of entitlement and no empathy

    • Often peers will admire them because they have a powerful personality
  • Social Bully:

    • Uses rumors, gossip, verbal taunts to systematical isolate the person being bullied

    • They are jealous of their target positive qualities and have a poor sense of self

    • They will hide their low self-esteem under a false sense of confidence
  • Bunch of Bullies:

    • Group of friends who collectively do something they would never do individually to someone

    • Done by the “nice” kids that know what they are doing is wrong
  • Gang of Bullies:

    • A group drawn together in the pursuit of power, control, domination, subjection and turf

    • No regards for their lives, the destruction they leave, the conflict the cause and the consequences to their actions
  • The Bullied Bully:

    • Both a target and a bully

    • They bully to get relief from some of their feelings of powerlessness and self-loathing

This information is from the book The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander by Barbara Coloroso.

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