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Un-Toys: Do It Yourself Blocks

Un-Toys: Do It Yourself Blocks

What is an “Un-Toy”? At 4C Play & Learn we refer to things that most people have around the house that can be turned into play materials as “Un-Toys”. These inexpensive items can provide hours of fun for children while they practice important developmental skills.

Sturdy boxes of various sizes, i.e. food packaging, Christmas lights, etc.
Plastic grocery bags or newspaper (you will need a lot!)
Packing tape
Optional: Patterned contact paper

Stuff the boxes with plastic grocery bags until they are full but not bowing.
Seal any open edges of the box with packing tape.
Optional: cover the box with patterned contact paper (one roll will make a nice number of blocks)
Provide the materials and encourage your child to stack, build, and create!
Variation: add small dolls, action figures, plastic animals, etc. to the building pieces
When the blocks start to get soft from use, just discard and make new ones!

Eye hand coordination-adding another block takes precise movements
Math concepts like quantity and counting
Basic physics concepts like force, gravity, and balance
Problem solving-the tower fell down- what can I do differently next time?
Persistence-how to stick with an idea until it is finished

Source: 4C Play & Learn activity

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