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Safe Sleep for Infants

Safe Sleep for Infants

To help reduce the risk of SIDS, use the ABC’s of safe sleep.

Alone. Simply put, there should be nothing in a crib with an infant. Keep loose bedding, bumpers, and toys out of the crib as this can increase your baby’s risk of suffocation and entrapment. Infants should be dressed in light sleep clothes or use a sleep sack.

Back. Infants should always be put on their backs to sleep. For every sleep. If your baby can roll from belly to back and back to belly easily, you do not need to turn the baby over onto his or her back if he or she rolls over during sleep. However, they should be placed on their back to begin their sleep.

Crib. This is the safest place for a baby to sleep. There should be a tight fitting sheet, and the mattress should be firm.

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Information from: The American Academy of Pediatrics
The Safe to Sleep Campaign

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