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Un-Toys: Golf Tees and Styrofoam

Un-Toys: Golf Tees and Styrofoam

What is an “Un-Toy”? At 4C Play & Learn we refer to things that most people have around the house that can be turned into play materials as “Un-Toys”. These inexpensive items can provide hours of fun for children while they practice important developmental skills. This month: Golf Tees and Styrofoam

Styrofoam block
Bag of Golf Tees
Child’s toy plastic hammer

Provide your child with the Styrofoam, golf tees and hammer
Demonstrate how to hold the golf tees and hammer them into the Styrofoam
Stand back and watch the fun!

Eye-hand coordination
Pincer grasp (used for writing)
Focus and self control
Problem solving

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