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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to teach your children about being thankful. These ideas help your children learn to appreciate the blessings in their lives.

Giving Thanks Placemats
The goal of this craft is to create a collage filled with drawings and pictures of all the things for which your children are thankful. Help the young ones cut photos from magazines or print some photos from your computer. Older children can write under the photos or draw their own pictures. Be sure to put the child’s name and the year on each one. If you use two standard letter size pieces of construction paper taped side-by-side, you can take the completed placemats to a copy shop and have them laminated. You can use the placemats every Thanksgiving for years to come.

Thanksgiving Tree
This is another take on the idea above and works well if you have several kids in the family. Get each child to trace their hand on yellow, red or brown construction paper. Cut out the hand shapes and write (or have the child write) what they are thankful for on the hand shape. Cut a tree trunk shape out of brown construction paper. Glue it on a large piece of poster board. Let the kids add their hand shapes as leaves above the tree trunk, turning it into a beautiful fall-colored tree.

Thankful Book
This idea is similar to the others, except it’s more of a keepsake. Purchase a photo album or scrapbook kit and make a “blessings” theme. Add photos of loved ones, and write why they are special to you. Also, include pages of your favorite foods, stories, movies and other things that make you happy. When your kids feel down, you can open your blessing book to see all the reasons you have to be happy – and thankful for the blessings in your life.

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