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Staying Fueled For The Summer!

Staying Fueled For The Summer!

By combining two or more food groups at a snack, as is required by the Child and Adult Care Food Program, children will receive a wider variety of nutrients that will help them stay full longer. By serving combinations like hummus and whole grain pita wedges or low-fat string cheese and apple slices, our bodies have more nutrients to absorb and digest. Snacks consumed throughout the day will help maintain energy and allow more time be active. Don’t forget that children should have access to water throughout the day, which will also help them stay energized.

Here is a list of other great snack combinations to serve during the summer:
Watermelon and low-fat vanilla yogurt
Black bean and low-fat cheese quesadillas
Low-fat milk and carrot sticks
Apple slices and peanut butter

Source: CACFP Sponsor’s Association Calendar & Keeper System

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