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Complaint Hotline

Consumer Policies

4C understands how valuable your time is and hopes that your experience with us has been an outstanding one. If you have any questions, or need to address something, we are always happy and willing to assist in solving concerns or questions. You can expect the uptmost discretion, as keeping your information confidential is something that we take very seriously.


It is the policy of 4C of Southern Indiana, Inc. that protected consumer information remains confidential, no matter the manner of collection. Protected information collected for agency program purposes is housed in a private office and filed securely and appropriately, while unwritten information may be submitted to a web-based software program and housed within a tightly secured web server. Client-specific protected information collected for any other reason is housed in a private office under lock and key. For each 4C program/project, only those staff with oversight of the program/project will have access to client files (this includes direct staff, the program/project supervisor, the VP Director of Operations, and the President CEO). When formally requested, consumers may review any written information pertaining to them kept on file by 4C. 4C does not share or sell any consumer information, but may be required to share with grantors and contract holders on a case-by-case basis.


It is the policy of 4C of Southern Indiana, Inc. that clients may contact the President, CEO in the event of a complaint regarding any staff and/or service provided by the agency. 4C staff will refer the complaint to the President, CEO.

The President, CEO or designee will review your complaints and will respond to you, if necessary or requested, within five business days. The President, CEO is responsible for discussing the complaint with the appropriate staff member within five business days. If the complaint is regarding overall services of the agency it will be addressed at the regularly scheduled staff meeting. The staff will be responsible for creating solutions to the complaints. If the President, CEO cannot resolve the conflict, or if Board involvement is necessary, the President, CEO will bring it to the attention of the Executive Committee of the 4C Board of Directors. If you have a complaint regarding the President, CEO, you will immediately be given the Chair of the Board of Directors contact information. The Chair will respond to you, if necessary or requested, within five business days and present recommended action to the Executive Committee.


In addition to policy and procedure relating to all matters of employment, it is the strict policy of 4C that employees and agents observe the set conditions of non-discrimination. Clients, colleagues and all community contacts will be assisted without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disabilities.