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On My Way Pre-K

Resources for Approved On My Way Pre-K Providers

Child Attendance

Providers record attendance of children with On My Way Pre-K grants in the Provider Portal in IPKIS. For instructions on how to record attendance, view the attendance tracking webinar. If a child’s attendance is below 85%, then document the strategies you use with that family to improve attendance. For more strategies, view the attendance webinar. Contact Amanda Taylor,, with questions about attendance.

Claims & Payments

Invoices can be submitted to the state every two weeks after attendance has been entered in the Provider Portal. If you have questions about claims or payments, then contact Beth Barrett,

Family Engagement

All providers are required to complete the Self-Assessment in the Family Engagement Toolkit. Be sure to keep records of your pre-K family engagement practices, including communications you have with parents; attendance at parent events; parent volunteers inside or outside the classroom. If you have questions about family engagement, then contact Amanda Taylor,


  • If you are a public or private school with questions about ISTAR-KR administration, please contact Amanda Taylor,  
  • If you are a community-based pre-K provider, please follow these directions:
    • If you have never used ISTAR-KR, register with the Indiana Department of Education as an ISTAR-KR administrator before the beginning of your pre-K year. Submit this form to  
    • Obtain and keep on file ISTAR-KR parent consent forms.
    • Use the Administrator Jumpstart Guide to ensure that each child is assigned a Student Test Number (STN) within two weeks of their start date. All staff and children must be assigned to your program by September 15 each year.
    • The first ISTAR-KR assessment for each child must be entered online within 6 weeks of the child’s start date. The last ISTAR-KR assessment for each child must be entered online during the 6 weeks prior to the child’s end date. For all programs, including full-year programs, the last submission must be by June 30.
    • To enter ISTAR-KR assessments, log in at this link:
    • To access the printable copies of the assessments, as well as other resources, visit
    • To view the recorded webinar, go to:
    • If you have questions about ISTAR-KR, then email or contact Amanda Taylor,

Provider Portal in IPKIS

The Provider Portal in IPKIS is where all OMWPK administration is done, except for ISTAR-KR. You can log in at this link: If you need technical assistance with the portal, then contact Sophie Simmons, Portal accounts are disabled after 60 days of inactivity. To reactivate your account, contact

Secure Emails

If you need to send a parent’s or child’s personally identifiable information to Beth Barrett, then you must do so via secure email. You can log in to your secure email account here: If you have questions about secure emails, then contact Beth Barrett,

Family Engagement Materials

On My Way Pre-K providers are asked to support families in engaging in their children’s education. The state of Indiana’s Early Learning Advisory Committee developed a Family Engagement Toolkit to help providers meet this goal.

4C has developed another tool for providers. Below are links to handouts that providers can share with families of pre-K children. We hope that these handouts can be the beginning or continuation of an ongoing conversation with families about ways to support their children’s education. If you need any of these documents in Spanish, please contact Amanda Taylor,, and we will try to get you what you need.

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