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Kelly's Story

A little more than a year ago Kelly was a college student ready to graduate. She was filled with excitement and was eager to start a new phase in her life. She was planning to travel the world and spend some time looking for adventures before starting her career. She had everything going for her and no responsibilities.

Then one day a life shattering phone call turned Kelly’s life turned upside down. Kelly’s sister was killed in a car accident leaving behind three children under the age of five. This devastating event left the three young children, Ella, Jacob, and Sophie with no other family to turn to—Kelly was the only family the children had left.

She was overwhelmed with grief and the thought of her nieces and nephew being placed with strangers weighed heavy on her heart. Kelly decided she’d do whatever it would take to become the guardian of the children. She contacted the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) and they helped her become a foster parent. Meanwhile, DCS referred Kelly to 4C for help finding and paying for child care.

4C helped Kelly enroll Ella, Jacob, and Sophie in a high quality, licensed home child care (Level 3 on Paths to QUALITY). Kelly works full-time as nurse to support her new family, but with the cost of child care for three young children totaling $1,700 per month, she wouldn’t have been able to afford child care without the financial assistance also provided through 4C and the child care voucher program.

Kelly’s confidence is growing day by day. She no longer has tears in her eyes—instead they sparkle as she shares happy, funny stories about her family. She is in the process of adopting the children and works hard to provide the love, stability, and learning opportunities for them that her sister would have wanted.

Affordable, accessible, high quality child care makes a difference for this young family.

You can make a difference too. By supporting 4C, you can make a difference for families like Kelly’s and for so many others.

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