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I am a Child Care Provider

Creation Station

Creation Station provides access to equipment and materials to support healthy child development.

  • Large Laminator
  • Small Laminator
  • Colored Paper

Creation Station Price List

4C Member Price Non-Member Price Unit
White Copy Paper $0.05 $0.10 per sheet
Color Copy Paper $0.10 $0.20 per sheet
Design Paper $0.10 $0.20 per sheet
Card Stock $0.10 $0.20 per sheet
Construction Paper $0.10 $0.20 per sheet
Large Lamination $0.75 $1.50 per foot
Small Lamination $0.50 $1.00 per sheet

Call ahead for laminator use to allow time for it to reach the correct temperature.

For more information contact 4C at 866-200-5909 or

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