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Biting Strategies and Techniques

  • Teething

    1. Check with parents to see what they are doing for teething pain.
    2. Have objects for child to chew.
    3. Encourage child chewing on appropriate items.

  • Sensory Exploration

    1. Provide plenty of opportunities for sensory play.
    2. Allow for exploration of a variety of textures, spaces, and places.
    3. Provide plenty of toys that can be put in the mouth.

  • Cause and Effect

    1, Provide plenty of cause-and-effect toys.
    2. Offer art materials.
    3. Describe cause-and-effect relationships.
    4. Use cause-and-effect words when child bites.

  • Imitating

    Provide lots of positive examples of other acceptable behavior.

  • Autonomy

    Structure and respect choices toddlers make.

  • Attention

    Try giving a child lots of attention when not biting.

  • Holding On & Letting Go

    1. Give lots of opportunity to practice physical holding on and letting go.
    2. Work on emotional letting go as well.
    3. Hold off on potty training.

  • Frustration & Anger

    1. Express own frustration and anger with words.
    2. Watch for signs of frustration and redirect.

  • Tension

    1. Observe child so can recognize rising tension.
    2. Massage mouth and jaw to relieve tension.
    3. Step in and redirect.
    4. Provide more gross motor activities.
    5. Go outside more often.

  • Anxiety

    1. Use observation to try & understand why anxious.
    2. Provide a calm atmosphere.
    3. Provide places for child to go & be alone.
    4. Allow child mechanism for calming self.
    5. Give the child plenty of time and transitions.
    6. Soothe the child with a back rub.

  • Excitement

    1. Help develop a variety of physical expressions of excitement.
    2. Be aware of child’s intense reactions.

For more information contact 4C's Infant Toddler Specialist at or 866-200-5909.

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